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Jimmy's Story


Jimmy Pham is a devoted Orange County native and the only one of five siblings born as a U.S. citizen. As a Vietnamese-American, he navigated the Orange County public school system, pursued higher education at UC Irvine, and earned his law degree locally. With a thriving law practice focused on immigration and personal injury, Jimmy has tirelessly advocated for improved conditions in DHS-ICE Detention Centers.

As a dedicated business owner, Jimmy's law firm assists the community with the complexities of immigration. His family's immigration journey in 1975 led them to Westminster, where his father became a pioneering dentist and a key figure in the establishment of Little Saigon. Jimmy's commitment to citizen rights, bolstered by his experience and leadership, positions him as a strong contender to represent his constituents at the state level. He continues his family's tradition of service by guiding the community through the intricacies of immigration and holding significant roles in local organizations, including Board Secretary for the Vietnamese American Democratic Club in Orange County and Vice-Chair of the Traffic Commission for the City of Westminster.


​Here is a partial list of the organizations and groups Jimmy is involved with or has worked with:

  • City of Westminster Traffic Commission - Chair

  • Vietnamese American Democratic Club - Board Secretary

  • Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA)

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA)

  • Vietnamese American Bar Association of Southern California (VABASC)

  • Kiwanis Club - City of Westminster

  • Democratic Club of West Orange County - Member

  • Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club of Cerritos - Member

  • Westminster Chamber of Commerce - Member

  • United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL) Instructor

  • Boy Scouts of America - Eagle Scout


To serve as a compassionate advocate, address the challenges and promoting unity in Assembly District 70. Develop a thriving and inclusive community, fostering growth and progress hand in hand with its empowered citizens, celebrating diversity, and building strong bonds for a prosperous future.


Creating a More Affordable California

Too many Californians face financial hardship, a burden exacerbated by the policies of career politicians. In the 70th District, many are left underserved and overlooked. Jimmy is committed to being a leader who prioritizes their needs. As Assemblyman, he will work tirelessly to lower the cost of living, ensuring that current and future generations find reasons to stay in Southern California, rather than seek more affordable alternatives elsewhere.

His initiatives will encompass:

  • Ensuring housing affordability that accommodates the diverse needs of all Californians.

  • Improving and expanding access to affordable healthcare by enhancing the ACA and reinstating a competitive market, with a focus on serving vulnerable populations like the elderly and veterans.

  • Delivering immediate relief for past, present, and future student loan recipients through enhanced regulation and exploring avenues to reduce tuition costs at public higher education institutions.

Extending a Helping Hand

Recognizing that not everyone in need seeks a handout, Jimmy advocates for providing support that empowers Americans to pursue their dreams.

  • Addressing homelessness requires a comprehensive approach, offering confidence-building, mental health services, and resources for reintegration into society.

  • Homeless individuals seek stability and structure, and most importantly, hope. Jimmy aims to facilitate access to these vital elements, rather than simply offering housing.

  • To effectively combat homelessness, we need a proactive Assembly Member who can collaborate with various stakeholders, from government officials to mental health professionals and community organizations, to implement real solutions.

  • Supporting our veterans is an essential duty. Jimmy believes in providing them with the necessary health, mental health, and financial resources and opportunities, recognizing the debt we owe to these heroes.

  • As a small business owner impacted by COVID-19, Jimmy understands the importance of aiding local job creators. He advocates for reduced regulations, lower taxes, and improved access to funding, ensuring they can expand, hire, and contribute to our local economy. Relief should go to those who truly need it, not just well-connected political contributors.

Economic Recovery


Jimmy understands that the American economy is on the path to recovery, and he aims to unleash its full potential. With a focus on reducing regulations and taxes for small businesses, he envisions an economy where everyone has the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. By nurturing growth, we can curb inflation, reduce living costs, and create a robust tax base, propelling Orange County into a prosperous future.

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